STL Flood

The working lamp STL Flood HID is a gas discharge working or tripod lamp especially designed for wide area illumination. 


The swiveling tripod connector enables the lamp to be mounted on any standard tripod. Alternatively the lamps can be ordered with vehicle brackets, for the attachment to roof racks etc. Equipped with a xenon-gas discharge bulb the lamp guarantees a high light output (up to 4-times higher in relation to halogen bulbs with comparatively similar burn time). Because the bulb has no filament it is extremely insusceptible to shocks.

Technical Data
Bulb: 50 W D2S HID Xenon-Light
Energy source: external, 12 V or 24 V DC
Technique: On/Off-switch
Body: Aluminium
Dimensions: Ø 109 mm x 190 mm
Light capacity: 5.000 lm
Weight: 1.900 g
Colour: black or silver
Lens: hardened glass (heat-resistant)
Pressure: IP67 (also available in IP68)
Radiate angle: approx. 70°

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