Xenon Search Light 50W

The xenon searchlight using HID technology achieves a very good illumination through the use of a gas discharge lamp.

Product Description

The swiveling tripod mount fits on every standard tripod. The xenon gas discharge lamp used ensures a high light output (approx. 4-fold compared to halogen light) with a comparatively long burning time. Since the lamp of the searchlight contains no incandescent filament, it is extremely shock-sensitive. The searchlight is also available with a pistol grip

Technical Specs.
Light Source: 50 W D2S HID Xenon-Light
Power Source: external, 12 V or 24 V DC
Technology: On/Off switch
Body Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: Ø 109 mm x 160 mm
Lums Output: 5.000 lm
Weight: 1.9 kg
Body Colour: Black or Silver
Front Lens: Heat proof hardened Glass
Ingress Protection: IP67 (also available as IP68)
Beam Angle: Approx. 4°