Xenon Lamps by TREBLE-LIGHT

The use of gas discharge burners (D2S) means that the xenon search and working lights are able to illuminate large areas and long ranges

The xenon gas discharge lamp is used ensures a high light output (5000 lm). Since the bulb of the searchlight contains no incandescent filament, it is extremely shock-sensitive. The spot reflector can be exchanged with little effort against a flood reflector. Flood reflectors are ideal for work and rescue operations. Can also be used as a hand lamp, battery-powered, one can reach long range. Our mobile Emergency case is also equipped with a xenon hand lamp.

The following is an overview of our Xenon lamps:

Boat Search Light


GWA D1 Searchlight

GWA ak D1

STL Flood Xenon

STL Spot Xenon