LED Zeltlampe 500

Tent Light
TL 3000 slimlight 500mm

The TL 3000 silmlight-500 tent lamp has a light output of 3,000 lumens (at 29 watts).

Product Description

The Slimlight TL 3000 can be attached to the tent in various locations (for example, ridge bars) using the Velcro bands.  Due to the large beam angle of 120 °, a uniformly homogeneous illumination ensures uniform light throughout the entire working area.

The "Slimlight TL 3000" is supplied with a separate power supply, which is built onto a robust plastic plate. The output voltage is only 24V to increase the safety.

In addition, it is possible to dim the lamps via the power supply, as well as to switch the entire lighting on and off.

Technical Specs.


Length: 500 mm
Width: 70 mm
Height: 50 mm
Weight: 1,2 kg

Light Technical Specs.

Beam Angle: 120 degrees
Lums Output: 3000 Lumen
Light Temperature: 4500 Kelvin

Power Supply

Input Voltage: 230 Volt ≈
Output Voltage 24 Volt =
Light Output: 29 Watt

Scope of Delivery

1 Set consists of: 1x Zarges Euro Box for Slimlight 500 TL 3000
1x Power Supply incl. Switch, Dimmer and 2,5 m lead 230V with plug as per DIN 49442/443
2x Slimlight 500 TL 3000 Lamps incl. 2,5 m connecting cable and Velcro band

The lamps can be attached to the ridge of the tents by means of the velcro strap. Due to the angle of the beam of 120 °, we have a uniform illumination. The switching module is attached at the entrance on the inside of the tents,  the dimmer and the on/off switch are integrated.

The lamps are supplied with 24V voltage via the switching module.

The scope of delivery 2er set dimmable. 6000 lumens

2 pieces TL 3000 slimlight
1 piece TL switching control module
1pc Aluminium storage box

The set of 2 can be extended up to 6 lamps. 18,000 lumens

Energy Efficiency
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