TREBLE-LIGHT's technology

LED Technology

LED technology: Optimum viewing conditions with maximum service life LED spotlights are significantly more efficient and more durable than conventional illuminants, e.g. Halogen or the currently still used mercury vapor lamps (which by the way 2015 are banned according to EU directives). In addition, the light emission of LED Work lights is aligned to the desired angle and no corresponding reflectors are required to align the light source. This saves a lot of energy and our environment! LED work lights are used wherever you have to function in the dark. The jobs are diverse: in agriculture, forestry, fire brigade and rescue services, construction sites and mining, as well as in many other areas.

XENARC-Arc Gas discharge lamps

Not only for the motor vehicle sector, but also for hand lamp manufacture. With the development of the XENARC gas discharge lamp, Osram has revolutionized lamp technology in the automotive sector. The functional principle of the arc, which is completely different from previous lamps with helix, offers, however, not only in road traffic a reasonable alternative to halogen lamps. The XENARC lamps also impress with their enormous light output, absolute reliability and high efficiency in the hand lamp range. Even under the harshest conditions, they radiate a robust, color-rich light. We installed this lamp system in the TREBLE-LIGHT Rescue-Light. To make the whole thing even more interesting for the user, the lamp has been equipped with a 3-step switch and a battery level indicator. The sum of the benefits pays off. Compared to halogen lamps, the XENARC gas discharge lamp is also convincing as the far more robust than other light sources. Unlike halogen lamps, it does not work with vibration-prone filaments, but with the principle of the arc generated by gas discharge. This makes an XENARC lamp at least five times more vibration-proof. And if a collapse of the arc occurs, the lamp does not have to be replaced but merely re-ignited. In a few seconds, your light will be available again. Even if the operating conditions are not extreme, the XENARC lamp shadows the usual halogen lamps. The use of an XENARC system offers the greatest possible safety, even under the harshest of conditions. Depending on the switching rhythm and the design of the electronic ballast, it has a nominal lifetime of up to six times. While halogen lamps have to be changed after approximately 500 hours of operation, an XENARC lamp regularly provides over 3,000 hours of daylight-like conditions. Conclusion: Five times light output versus conventional halogen light. The color temperature is over 4250 comparison to Halogen: 3200 K. Five times vibration resistant due to the robust arc principle. Six times longer nominal life. Lamp change, only after 3000 hours An XENARC lamp with its power consumption of 35 watts is exemplary energy-saving. In practice, the decision is often even clearer for an XENARC illuminant. After all, in emergency operations or rescue operations, the risk of interference-prone lamps should not be taken.

Battery Level Indicator

In order to achieve the highest level of safety and comfort, we have equipped the new TREBLE-LIGHT lamps with a battery level indicator. The level is displayed on the lamp base via five light-emitting diodes. This technology is suitable for both NiCd and NiMH batteries. The natural self-discharge is taken into account by intelligent microprocessor technology. This temperature-dependent self-discharge is measured and evaluated by a sensor in the circuit. A flashing of a dive lamp and the last light-emitting diode indicates that the end of the charged capacity has been reached. In order to update the counter reading, the lamp should be completely drained. The light-emitting diodes indicate the charge level in % charge.