LED Reitplatzbeleuchtung

LED Riding School illumination

Optimal Light for comfortable and safe Training.

Energy-efficient LED lamps for mounting on riding Schools/stables and practice areas. The POWER LEDs provide an ideal uniform illumination.

Product Description

The POWER-LED 5000, Power-LED 10000 and Power-LED 20000 lamps have a light output of 6,300 lumens to 25,200 lumens (42 to 168 watts). They consist of different numbers of modules each with 4 light circuits. If one light circuit fails, the other light circuits continue to light up,  this way, a lasting luminous power is ensured.

Technical Specs.

You will find technical specs. of the LED working lamps as well as information on the energy efficiency on the following product pages:


Power-LED 10000

Power-LED 20000

Picture Gallery

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