The company -TREBLE-LIGHT

In 1994 TREBLE-LIGHT was founded in Bielefeld Germany. The main business area was initially the development and manufacture of diving lamps for sports and professional divers. Initially, conventional halogen lamps were used.

In 1995 at the "Boat" exhibition, the first Diving lamp with gas discharge lamps was presented Europe-wide. At the same time, this new technology was also introduced in the auto industry.

Know-how and craftsmanship

From the very beginning, all electronic circuits were developed and manufactured in-house. The housing parts are also manufactured directly at our fully automatic CNC machining center. This is how we combine electrotechnical know-how and craftsmanship on more than 300 m² of production space.

TREBLE-LIGHT Lamps by professionals for professionals

Since its founding, TREBLE-LIGHT has quickly become one of the leading dive-lamp manufacturers in Germany. Our product range has been steadily developed and now includes, in addition to the diving lamps, also handlamps and LED work lamps for a wide range of applications. In the meantime, our lamps have been found both by well-known animal filmmakers and researchers for TV productions as well as by fire brigades, police and other forces. In addition, our lamps are in long-term tests for the military sector.

Hand lamps and work lamps for any application

Currently, the product range offers a wide range of different LED work lights, xenon Search lights and hand lamps for emergency lighting, crime scene lighting, boat lights, etc. The video on this page provides you with the first overview of our product range and the various possible applications. We would be pleased to advise you to find the right spotlight for your application.

TREBLE-LIGHT develops and manufactures hand lamps for a wide range of applications:

  • Illumination of work or deployment sites
  • Illumination of traffic accidents and technical assistance
  • Illumination for exploration and search for persons
  • Initial lighting for rooms and residential fires
  • Illumination in the case of accidents (emergency measures at the place of the accident)
  • Torches for material testing
  • Spotlights for forensic investigations at the scene
  • Boat lighting (searchlight or floodlight in Xenon or LED technology)

And, of course, we also offer regular maintenance or repair of our lamps.