LED Lamps

You benefit from a long service life and 6 times less energy consumption compared to halogen lamps.

Xenon Lamps

The xenon search and working lights reach large ranges by using gas discharge bulbs.

Halogen Lamps

Handlamp GWA 50: This halogen spotlight is a classic searchlight with 3-step Reed switch.

Boat Lamps

Also our boat lights boat lamps achieve very long ranges through the use of a gas-discharge light source.

Forensic engineering

rimes Scence lamps for forensic investigations and flood/spotlights at the crime scene leave no traces undetected.

Materials Testing

UV spectral lamp with gas discharge bulb (HID), e.g. For testing weld seams in mobile and stationary applications.

Emergency case

Mobile first-aid Lighting kit for immediate action at the site. The xenon working light provides approx. two hours of light.

Lumen calculator

With the calculation tool for the LED lighting technology, you can easily determine light values.Use to convert your LUMs.