LED Work lamps made by TREBLE-LIGHT

Recent studies show that by 2020, LEDs will account for almost 70% of the general lighting. You also benefit from a long service life and 6 times less energy consumption compared to conventional halogen lamps. TREBLE LIGHT has been designing and producing special spotlights for every application for almost two decades.

Below you will find an overview of our LED working and Searchlights:

Power LED 20000

Power LED 10000

Power LED 4500




Lights with LED bulbs  offer a number of advantages:

  • They have a much longer service life
  • They are robust against external mechanical effects
  • They produce a much higher light output
  • They can be stowed immediately after use
  • They are ideally suited for use with batteries due to low energy consumption

LED Work Lights made by TREBLE LIGHT

LED work lamps are used wherever work is done in the dark. The jobs are diverse: in agriculture and forestry, in fire brigades and rescue services, on construction sites and in mining as well as in many other areas. The requirements expected of a work lamp are enormous. On the one hand, the light output has to be extremely large. On the other hand, the headlamp must be very sturdy, due to the working conditions, the expectations are high (dirt, moisture, impacts, long-time durations)

LED Technology: Optimum visibility with maximum service life

LED spotlights are significantly more efficient and more durable than conventional illuminants, e.g. Halogen or the currently still used mercury vapor lamps (which, by the way, 2015 are banned according to EU directives). In addition, the light emission of LED lights is aligned to the desired angle and no corresponding reflectors are required to align the light source. This saves a lot of energy and our environment! Due to the technology of this light generation, a fast switching on and off for our LED work lamps is no problem. A specially calculated heat sink keeps the LEDs at their ideal operating temperature and thus in the highest efficiency range. As a result, LEDs generate much more light at the same power in wattages than, for example, xenon or halogen headlights. By splitting into several circuits with several LEDs, a total failure of our high-performance headlights is almost impossible.

LED Working lights put everything else in the shade!

Say goodbye to conventional headlights, as the work lamps of TREBLE LIGHT are perfect for everyday use in dark workplaces. Good light on the construction site, in agriculture or in the field is indispensable, not only because work is easier, but also because the aspect of safety is significantly improved. LED lights make a brighter light compared to halogen lights, consuming considerably less energy. Our lights are modular in design and can be used for almost any application due to their individual accessories. No matter whether as emergency lighting in fire brigades and rescue services, as working lighting in agriculture or in boat construction - lighting of TREBLE LIGHT has proven itself in all areas for many years.

TREBLE LIGHT Offers lighting solutions at an affordable price.

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