LED-Torch GWA 2

LED Torch, with "Good Looks".

Product Description

The GWA 2 and GWA 2e electronic are supplied with a 3-watt high-power LED. The GWA 2 is operated with 3 Mignon cells. The GWA 2 electronic has 8 Mignon cells, with electronic control of the LED. This gives you a burn-time of over 10 hours at maximum brightness. They are both switched via a large magnetic rotary switch at the end of the lamp. Double O-ring seals are fitted as standard. Special surface coating.

Technical Specs.
Dive Depth: 200 m
Dimensions: 44 mm x 200 mm
Gewicht: ü.W. 500g | u.W. 200g
Tested Pressure: 20 bar
Front Lens: Hardened Glass
Light Source: 1 x 3,5 W Led | 380 lm |6500K
Power Source. GWA 2: 3 Type AA Batteries
Power Source. GWA 2e: 8 Type AA Batteries
Technology: On/Off Reed switch
Body: Aluminium
Charger: Only for rechargeable batteries (Accessories)
Colour: Black
Burntime GWA 2: approx.. 3 ½ Hours
Burntime GWA 2e: approx. 10 Hours
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