GWA D1 HID searchlight

The searchlight GWA D1 HID has especially been developed for search and rescue operations. 


Equipped with a xenon-gas discharge bulb the lamp guarantees a high light output (up to 4-times higher in relation to halogen bulbs with comparatively similar burn time). Because the bulb has no filament it is extremely insusceptible to shocks.

Technical Specs.
Burntime: Step 1 = approx. 80 minutes
Step 2 = approx. 70 minutes
Step 3 = approx. 60 minutes
Bulb: 50 W D2S HID Xenon-Light
Energy source: Rechargeable battery 12 V / 4,5 Ah NiMH
Light temperature: similar to daylight (4.500 Kelvin)
Output: 100 Lumen/Watt = 5.000 lms
(compared to halogen bulb: 18 Lumen / Watt = 630lms)
Technology: 3-step-switch to extend burntime, display showing battery capacity, SMD power MOS-FET technique, deep discharge protection, quick ignition
Charger: automatic charger
Body: Aluminium
Dimensions: Ø 81-110 mm x 250 mm
Weight: 1.900 g
Body Colour: black
Front Lens: hardened glass (heat-resistant)
Ingress Protection: IP68 (with external charging-socket IP67)
Charging time: 6 hours
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