The GWA D1 HID has especially been developed for search and rescue operations.

Product Description

Equipped with a xenon-gas discharge bulb the lamp guarantees a high light output (up to 4-times higher in relation to halogen bulbs with comparatively similar burn time). Because the bulb has no filament it is extremely insusceptible to shocks. The GWA D1 HID has successfully passed the practice test in the Smoke Chamber of the Eschweiler fire department. The light system was successfully announced and presented by the GermanFire Brigade Institute of North Rhine Westphalia to several Fire brigade in Munsterland Germany.

Technical Specs.
Burntime: Step 1 = approx. 80 minutes
Step 2 = approx. 70 minutes
Step 3 = approx. 60 minutes
Bulb: 35 W D2S HID Xenon-Light
Energy source: Rechargeable battery 12 V / 4,5 Ah NiMH
Colour temperature: similar to daylight (4.500 Kelvin)
Output: 80 Lumen/Watt = 2.800 lms
(compared to halogen bulb: 18 Lumen / Watt = 630lms)
Technology: 3-step-switch to extend burntime, display showing battery capacity, SMD power MOS-FET technique, deep discharge protection, quick ignition
Charger: automatic charger
Body material: Aluminium
Dimensions: Ø 81 mm x 250 mm
Weight: 1.900 g
Colour: black
Front Lens: hardened glass (heat-resistant)
Ingress Protection: IP68 (with external charging-socket IP67)
Charging time: 6 hours
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