GWA ak D1

The searchlight GWA ak D1 HID has been specifically designed for rugged outdoor use.


The rechargeable battery is located beneath the lamp head which provides a safe and stable base. Reflectors can be simply changed by unscrewing the front lens and replacing the Flood light reflector, which has a beam up to a distance of 800m, with the wide angle reflector the lamp is capable of lighting a 70ยบ area. This is the optimal lamp when needing strong, fast and bright light, such as required in an emergency or accident location. The Hid Xenon technology, the system is very robust and insensitive to vibration, tested to 25G. This lamp provides a very bright and white light very similar to natural sunlight. The light output is 5 times higher than for a commercial halogen lamp.

Technical Specs.
Burntime: 130 minutes
Bulb: HID D2S Xenon-Light, 5000 lm
Energy source: rechargeable battery 12 V / 9 Ah NiMH
Light temperature: similar to daylight (4 500 Kelvin)
Output: 90 Lumen/Watt (compared to halogen bulb: 18 Lumen/Watt)
Technology: On/Off-switch, quick ignition
Charger: automatic charger (charging time: 6 hours)
Body: Aluminium
Dimensions: 109 mm x 160 mm x 190 mm
Weight: 4.600 g
Colour: black
Front Lens: hardened glass (heat-resistant)
Accessories: Flood-reflector lens, carrying strap
Ingress protection: IP65
  Light scatter is reduced
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